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Key Features of the NFT Billboard
  • How it works? Read it on Medium
  • Requires an ERC20 wallet like MetaMask
  • 6 price tiers ranging from Bronze to Moon
  • 442 predefined slots that give unique editing rights to the owner
  • Each slot has a different size based on the tier
  • Unique one-of "slot art" inside each NFT
  • Mint your desired slot directly on the board
  • Secondary sales happen on OpenSea
  • Uses ERC-721 functionality to modify your billboard slot
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DECENTRABOARD or the 'ENVOY Billboard' is the first NFT curated billboard with a unique ambition, soon to be discovered in its roadmap.

Furthermore, DECENTRABOARD is the centerpiece of the extraordinary 'Avalon' artwork. By claiming your spot on the billboard you'll be able to showcase your brand, company or gimmick in the digital and maybe even further...

That's not all, by launching DECENTRABOARD it obviously will become one of the most well known NFT fueled billboards in the world. Each slot is minted as an NFT and comes with an unique rare art piece of your slot, that grants you the rights on publishing images on the billboard, in line with our terms.

About the 'Avalon' artwork

'Avalon' is the city of the future, the capital of the ENVOY community. It's the year 2040 where governments and banks do no longer exist. The 9 billion inhabitants of planet earth live in 8 different states. Envoy is one of these 8 states, the most advanced state of them all. Bitcoin surpassed the eight-digit range and ENVOY is the main currency of Avalon. Memories can be erased and restored, we have a new generation of hi-tech supercarriers & quantum computers are becoming the new standard as Moore's law comes to a close. A decentralized world, where the Envoyans took back the power.

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